Getting started

Enjoying all the benefits of MiBusinessAssist couldn’t be easier! Here’s how to get started:

1. Join MiBusinessAssist

Join MiBusinessAssist today in just three easy steps! All you need is your ID and your cell phone number to proceed.

Call MiBusinessAssist on 0861 55 33 44

Inform an agent you would like to join the programme

Choose a package that will help your business grow

You will receive a welcome message within 24 hours of joining.

2. Create your online profile and log in

Set up your MiBusinessAssist profile and you will be able to log in to access the online vouchers and articles.

3. Start shopping

Enjoy discounts and vouchers from reputable vendors with each of the four packages offered by MiBusinessAssist. You can receive up to 30% off vouchers at participating vendors.

4. Get advice

Based on the package you selected, you will have access to advice through professional consultants or applicable articles.

Need More Information?

Call MiBusinessAssist to speak to an agent or email us with your query and we'll call you back.

0861 55 33 44

MiWay’s presence at Village Road in Selby (Jhb CBD) will afford The Workspace members the convenience of having business insurance and MiBusinessAssist services fulfilled at their convenience.